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Millions of parents are busy leading normal lives with their kids right now. They're making plans, looking forward to watching their children grow up, dream, and achieve so many things. At some point, many of those loving parents are going to be blindsided by nature, life, fate, karma, etc..., and they are going to join The Grieving Parents Club.

Each member shares many things in common, but each of us has our own unique grief. It helps to connect with others who have more understanding of how our child died - an accident, illness, criminal act, war, terrorism, suicide, or something else.

You Are Not Alone!!!

Our members understand. They became members of this Club in the same way you did. The circumstances and events that started us on this journey are similar to yours.

We can connect you with another member who has a better idea of your unique grieving, and can help you cope, survive, and heal - by talking with you and/or guiding you to professional resources that may be helpful to you.

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